Algonkian Indian Creation Legends

   One of the myths of this tribe of North American Indians tells how Manibozho, their culture hero, took refuge on a mountain when a great lake overflowed and submerged the world. He sent out three messengers in succession, a raven, an otter, and finally a musk-rat, before he was satisfied that the flood had disappeared. Another legend tells how Gluskap and his twin brother Maslum, representing the good and evil creative powers, formed the solar system and the human race out of their mother’s body. After defeating Maslum, Gluskap was involved in a series of combats with Kewawkqu, Medecolin, Pamola, Wimpe, over all of whom he was victorious.
   A third creation legend of this tribe is given under Gros-Ventres Indian Creation Legend.

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  • Nanabozho — Not to be confused with Naniboujou Club Lodge. Manabozho in the flood. (Illustration by R.C. Armour, from his book North American Indian Fairy Tales, Folklore and Legends, 1905) In Anishinaabe mythology, particularly among the Ojibwa, Nanabozho… …   Wikipedia

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